How 3D jewellery design helps jewellers and goldsmiths grow

If you, like most professionals in jewellery, hand draw your designs first, and then mould them in an expensive and time consuming process- you are unfortunately not the exception, but the rule. Why this can cost you customers, or damage your jewellery business in the long run, will be explained in this post.
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How 3D jewellery design helps jewellers and goldsmiths grow
de Grandi, Felice Gaetano

7 Good reasons for CAD jewellery rendering

In times of increasing customer demands, the road to success for professional jewellers increasingly leads to the use of modern production techniques, such as CAD (Computer Aided Design), i.e. working with jewellery models created with the aid of 3D jewellery software.

The arguments in favor of computer-aided design range from marketing advantages to improved customer loyalty, as well as effective support in the production of your exquisite designs.

We have summarised the most important reasons for CAD in the jewellery trade below.


Visibility increases your Sales

It is a proven fact that it is easier to sell a piece of jewellery if the customer can see it - or at least be shown a realistic image.

This becomes a problem if a jeweller has not yet produced that piece of jewellery. Same issue if the piece of jewellery has already been realised but was sold. Photographs of jewels, especially quality diamonds, can be very demanding, and usually results in the jewellery not looking as great as it would look in reality.

Models of 3D diamond jewellery (so called "3D renderings") on the other hand, show a faithful copy or even a 360° animation of the jewellery - and look almost indistinguishable from a high quality photograph or video.

Show your customers your creative designs - and be surprised about the positive reactions you’ll receive.

Quick adjustments through CAD jewellery design

If your customer wishes to make adjustments to his jewellery design, you can do this immediately in a 3D jewellery software- it only take a few clicks. This helps save time and material before you actually produce. Even ring sizes and lengths of necklaces can be varied easily and precisely.

3D visualization lowers material costs

Creating a piece of diamond jewellery in 3D virtually requires no material expenditure for precious metals or gemstones. Material costs only come into play once you have your customer’s full approval, and are ready to produce your design. Since you already have a precise CAD drawing at hand, you can also calculate resources, and create your piece of jewellery more precisely, which saves further material costs.

If you do not want to produce your creation in-house, you can also send your model to any producer you like. Thanks to 3D visualization, your manufacturing partner will receive the exact specifications electronically - this makes communication easy and material expenses plannable and precise.

Clarico-3 Columans Style 1
Clarico-3 Columans Style 1

CAD design saves you time

A further advantage of 3D design is just as obvious. Not only do you save time when talking to your customers, but you can also send them emails with videos or photos of your 3D-rendered diamond jewellery. The customer can see what you are talking about, there are no ambiguities or long explanations needed from either side. This allows your customer to get a better feeling for the design process and will keep them excited until the finished piece is ready to pick up.

Reproducibility of designs

If you would like to produce the same piece of jewellery repeatedly, you don't have to remember a design you made 2 years ago. 3D rendering enables you to always have a CAD drawing with the needed measurements and specifications at hand. Hence, if the old model is ever needed again, you can look it up on your computer, and reproduce the piece as many times as you want.

Why your digital presence is even more important now

Since the Corona crisis, online shopping has increased sharply. Many people feel better if they can select their dream jewellery from home, and do not have to visit a shop in person. It doesn't take much for you to stand out, and make your customers remember you. Enriching your present website with high quality CAD images and 3D animations of your jewellery creations makes all the difference.

Turn your site into a digital shop window for your jewellery shop.

Conclusion: 3D jewellery rendering saves you costs, time and nerves!

We at Avalon Diamonds are convinced that 3D jewellery design can help any jeweller make their precious pieces visible, especially amidst these difficult times. Hence, we have created a cost-effective and easy to use service for professional jewellers.

Read here how our CAD rendering service can help make your design process easy, quick and cost-effective.

How 3D jewellery design helps jewellers and goldsmiths grow
de Grandi, Felice Gaetano October 29, 2020
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