3D jewellery design for professionals

Did you know that it is possible to turn your jewellery ideas into real-life images without having to invest money in raw materials, diamonds and gemstones! All you need is the right business partner.
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3D jewellery design for professionals
de Grandi Felice Gaetano

Create realistic, 3D jewellery models

Avalon Diamonds helps jewellers create jewellery ideas quickly and cheaply, in the form of photos and moving, three-dimensional images.

For this we need either a sketch of your jewellery design, or a picture of an existing piece. You can also send us a picture of a similar looking piece of jewellery from the Internet.

We will also need to know how big the required gemstones, or diamonds, are- and what color they should have. If you also let us know what material you want us to use for the design, we can create a realistic image of your CAD jewellery based on the expertise of our designers.

What is the result of a 3D jewellery rendering?

The images and films created in this way (so-called "renderings") look as if you had photographed, or filmed, the jewellery yourself. An ordinary viewer would simply not know that he or she is looking at a computer generated image or video.

If you do not want to produce your jewellery yourself, your precious jewellery designs, drawn with the latest 3D jewellery software, can then be sent to a jewellery manufacturer. He can then create the exact setting for your chosen gemstones or diamonds, by reading the computer files into his 3D CAD jewellery software program.

Your paper sketch turned into a easy to understand 3D Model.

3D jewellery as THE competitive factor in times of Corona

Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, online sales have increased dramatically. Many customers are afraid to visit retail stores – hence, the frequency of visitors in jewellery stores, and in front of shop windows, has decreased everywhere. Instead, many customers now sit in front of their computers, in the evening or on weekends, and shop online. Those diamond buyers who do not present their jewellery as attractively and realistically as possible,  will find it increasingly difficult to be successful as a jeweler or goldsmith in the future.

3D renderings done by Avalon Diamonds can be easily placed on your website, either as a photo or as an animated 3D film. Customer can get a good insight into your creative work to date, but can also view jewellery that exists only as a design. And all this without having to visit your store in person!

We support our customers by:

  • Producing 360° jewellery models according to your designs or specifications

  • Rendering your 3D (diamond) jewellery ideas for your portfolio

  • 360° animation of your products for the company website

Whether you are looking to create statement pieces for regular clients, VIP-Bling necklaces or rings for Hip Hop MC's, filigree wedding rings, or a whole jewellery collection for mass production: Just give us a call to help you realise your design dreams in 3D.

CAD Jewellery Design
This could be your future presentation method.
CAD Jewellery Design
No more explanation needed how your sketch will look like.
CAD Jewellery Design
A CAD Animation tells more than a thousand pictures.
3D jewellery design for professionals
de Grandi Felice Gaetano October 27, 2020
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