Your Diamond gateway to India


Diamonds straight from the polisher

We supply jewelers, watch - and jewel - manufactures with diamonds directly from the polishing companies in India. Worldwide over 90% of all diamonds are cut in India. We provide you with the direct access without detours via Antwerp, Tel Aviv, New York or Dubai.

Save money and time.

Fast, Secure, Direct

We provide jewel and watch manufacturers with natural diamonds of all shapes, color and sizes. We source goods directly from the polishing companies in Surat and Mumbai. The direct sourcing results in better prices for our customers but also for our polishing companies, because we eliminated the middle man and diamond exchanges. With our work we contribute to a fair pricing of the polishers and decent working conditions. With our direct sourcing we know the  origin of the rough diamonds and its way until the polished product. According to your wish we provide you with certificates from GIA, IGI and HRD including laser inscription. We ca service you also with sealed diamonds directly from GIA.

Do you have a technical question or are you looking for advice? We are glad to answer your questions by our experts who have decades of experience in planing, polishing and cutting diamonds.


Transparent Origin

Origin of diamonds are known

Attractive Prices

No intermediaries

Short Delivery Times

From India to Europe in 2 to 3 days

Certified Quality

We check every diamonds with our specialists

Advice Included

We advise you for free on technical questions


Comprehensive Offers

200'000 to 300'000 Diamonds

We offer a full range of diamonds through access to the stocks of various polishers in Surat and Mumbai. As a result, our stock list has over 200'000 to 300,000 loose diamonds. White and colored in all shapes, cuts, sizes and qualities.


Single Diamonds with certificate

Loose diamonds with GIA, IGI, HRD grading report and verified

Single diamonds without a certificate

Loose diamonds without report but tested according to GIA parameters

Calibrated micro diamonds

Calibrated smallest diamonds from 0.1 mm to 3.00 mm each individually measured and verified

Diamonds polished to order

Diamonds polished to order according to your parameters with GIA, IGI, HRD report