Benefit from our direct link to India

India is the biggest producer of polished natural diamonds on the globe. More than 90% of all diamonds, which are processed into jewelry, have been manufactured in polishing shops in India.

Every diamond you select, has been verified by our specialist, transportation is insured by well known companies,  providing you a risk-free purchase.

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Single Diamonds with certificate

Loose diamonds with GIA, IGI, HRD grading report and verified

The diamonds will be reviewed by our specialists in India again to ensure that the quality of the stones match the grading report.


Single Diamonds without certificate

Loose diamonds without grading report but tested according to GIA parameters

We comply with GIA guidelines for the assessment of loose diamonds without a grading report. This will give you the quality for which you have paid even without grading report.


Calibrated micro diamonds

Calibrated smallest diamonds from 0.1 mm to 3.00 mm each individually measured and verified.

For jewelry manufacturers, we supply sorted and tested lots of diamonds where each diamond matches the other according to your parameters and quality requirements.


Diamonds polished to order

Diamonds polished to order according to your parameters with GIA, IGI, HRD Report

On order we deliver GIA certified diamonds with exactly your given parameters. The diamonds you order will only be paid if the GIA reports complies with the specifications. This procedure is deal if you have a diamond to replace, e.g. in a set or pair.

With our local purchasing team, we ensure the quality of the diamond picking process.