How best to buy small diamonds?

Most diamond buyers and jewellers will have asked themselves this question many times over. After all, diamonds are a matter of trust in a business that can often be uncertain.
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How best to buy small diamonds?
de Grandi, Felice Gaetano

Buying small calibrated diamonds is not easy. If you just trust you will pay too much for the quality you get because there is no GIA or IGI report. Hence, we have summarized what to look for when buying small diamonds:

What to look out for in small diamonds

The first and most important, thing to know is how small diamonds are cut since high-quality small diamonds will always be cut by hand. In contrast to larger diamonds (i.e. those with a size of over 0.1ct), the amount of work that goes into the cut is the decisive criterion for their sales price.

In other words: the lower the quality of the cut on small diamonds, the lower the purchase price. Just like with any other diamond, cut, polish and symmetry will influence the amount of light that the cut stone can reflect. Therefore, top cut diamonds will sport a more beautiful, natural shine.


Cutting quality of diamonds

One cutting professional in India (or elsewhere) can produce approx. 5 - 8 professional, well-cut diamonds per hour. However, if the cut is bad, he can produce about 20 - 30 pieces per hour.

If you refrain from cutting all facets of the stone, you can save additional time, but the finished product will look greyish and less attractive.

Well-cut small diamonds also require better equipment in order to be able to cut the facets optimally - something, not every cutting shop can, or will, afford.

quality of raw materials

In addition, it makes a difference where the diamonds come from. If rough diamonds from Russian mines are processed, the quality of the finished product will also be higher.

Purchase of Small diamonds: Attention, don't get trapped!

Diamond traders who want to win an order can easily "play" with less experienced jewellers. Many jewellers will rely on the expertise of their supplier, and therefore, delivery quality is a matter of trust. Since there is usually no GIA report for small diamonds, it is largely up to the supplier to decide what exactly he will deliver.

Also, most jewellers will not specify the cut when making an order, nor will they require their diamonds to be "full cut".

So if a diamond dealer wants to undercut another in price, it is easy for him to simply deliver poorly cut diamonds for the same colour and clarity. The purchase will thus appear attractive to the customer, although, effectively, he has been sold a poor quality product.

However, if a jeweller wants to find out what quality he should actually receive for his money, it would be worthwhile for him to compare the quality of his current deliveries with our product.


Small diamonds of the highest quality and grading at Avalon Diamonds

As a diamond supplier with high-quality standards, it is important to us that our customers understand our transparent way of making business.

Diamond sorting and cutting

We supply our clients with manually inspected and sorted small diamonds and pride ourselves on our high quality, precise sourcing process. For the trained eye, the cut and degree of fluorescence will immediately give away artificial diamonds.

Typically, our small diamonds shine brighter and are easier to set than those of other suppliers. Avalon Diamonds delivers the quality the jeweller has asked for and does not compromise to unfairly increase the price margin.

Our own, experienced specialists also carry out diamond quality control and select the diamonds directly at cutting facilities in Mumbai and Surat. We do not rely on third parties when it comes to important aspects - especially not on the grinding shops themselves.

Avalon Diamonds only supplies diamond qualities that are declared "Good" or "Very Good" when cut.

Diamond prices

Should you find a supplier offering diamonds at a price per carat lower than ours, it is very likely that stones of lower quality have been added - possibly even synthetic diamonds. They may even have used more fluorescent stones in order to be able to offer a cheaper selection.

It is always beneficial for diamond buyers to compare the qualities of different diamond suppliers directly. We typically win such comparisons, without exception.

In the corresponding quality, we always offer very competitive prices, and our customers always get exactly the quality they ordered.


We select to an accuracy of 0.05mm and can also supply small diamonds with cut girdles upon request. You can also determine what the degree of fluorescence should be.

Lower margins

Sometimes, there are reasons why a jeweller may not want to use high-quality diamonds for a piece of jewellery. We can, of course, also source diamonds in B-quality. In this case, however, their quality will be precisely declared, and the price is correspondingly low.

How best to buy small diamonds?
de Grandi, Felice Gaetano November 2, 2020
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